There are many reasons why people seek out The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson for help when the stakes are at their highest. For more than four decades, our Dallas-based attorneys have built a record of courtroom success in Texas and throughout the United States by relying on our time-tested model for high-stakes litigation. In addition to the expertise shared by our lawyers, we also provide formidable resources and cutting-edge trial science to help clients succeed in court. Most of all, The Frank Branson Approach represents a commitment to integrity, hard work, and the will to prevail.

Firm founder Frank Branson has earned a nationwide reputation for excellence by securing significant and sometimes record-setting trial verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients who have suffered from the negligence or sometimes reckless behavior of others in cases involving trucking accidents, airplane crashes, injury from gas or electric lines and harm caused by defective products or work site injuries.

In addition to a respected team consisting of some of the nation’s finest trial lawyers, The Frank Branson Approach has evolved to include advanced trial techniques that rely on professional video production, computer animation, graphic art, realistic models and three dimensional animations and recreations using actors. The firm employs an entire department of professionals who build state-of-the-art presentations using audio, video and computer-generated graphics and medical illustrations. Using these proven methods, juries are able to not only hear about a client’s case, but also feel and see how accidents and real-life events occur.